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The Simpsons Knowledge Base
If you can read schematics, or have info, please click here.
Dave 22nd May - This page is now hideously out of date since I'm putting all effort where I can into Dgen!

Thanks for all the help with Direct-X and Borland C++. I've come to the conclusion that (for Direct-X development) the best solution is RSXNTDJ and DJGPP v2 (both availible from simtel).

Info on connecting Snes pads to your PC is here: snespad.emulationworld.com
Sorry that DTMNT doesn't support 4 pads in one socket - the source code is a bit of a mess at the mo...

(DTMNT is made for DOS, but runs happily under all versions of Windows. Apparently NT causes trouble)

DTMNT v0.54 pentium optimised: dtmnp054.zip
DTMNT v0.54 normal: dtmnt054.zip
Features full sound (sound effects, music, drums, speech - scratchy but there).

Beta DTMNT v0.55 (scanlines, better 8-bit color, slower)

Rom images needed to run

Normal Name   Size in bytes   Alternate Name
Sound roms
 tmnt.c13        131,072      963-a26
 tmnt.d18        131,072      963-a27

Theme music
 tmnt.d05        524,288      963-a25

Music code
 tmnt.g13         32,768      963-e20

Main game code
 tmnt.j15         65,536      963-r21
 tmnt.k15         65,536      963-r22
 tmnt.j17        131,072      963-r23
 tmnt.k17        131,072      963-r24

 tmnt.h27        524,288      963-a28
 tmnt.k27        524,288      963-a29

 tmnt.k04        524,288      963-a15
 tmnt.k06        524,288      963-a16
 tmnt.h04        524,288      963-a17
 tmnt.h06        524,288      963-a18

Others (not used yet)
 tmnt.f19            256
 tmnt.f7             256
(Don't e-mail about getting rom images.)

DTMNT is one of the few emulators with source code. What you can't do (obviously) is change it and pretend you made it - if in doubt, ask. (nicely)
DTMNT source v0.54: dtmns054.zip
What else you need to compile it:
(NB - to make a .o file into an archive do ar -rs something.a something.o)

(Don't e-mail about getting StarScream, MZ80 or Allegro.)

Frequently Asked Questions
Q) When will you emulate The Simpsons/TMNT2/other konami games
A) When I am able to! At the moment my existing code cannot be made to run with Simpsons/TMNT2 because they are different machines internally.
Q) Scanlines!! Put scanlines in like MAME!
A) Okay - a bit later. I consider it low priority, plus I'll have to rethink the way I render to the screen. I'd rather do other stuff first (like the simpsons!).
Q) Why don't you make a full Konami emulator like Callus?
A) It's hard to do! I don't have a lot of info about Konami games, and a lot is guesswork rather than 'oh yeah, everyone knows how that works, lets emulate it really fast'. Bloodlust are absolute gods! I however, don't know a lot about arcade games - my skill is programming only. Because TMNT is so great, Jeff and Jesus LA, and the MAME team have put in the extra effort to find out how it ticks!
Q) My fantastic joypad doesn't work.
A) Try joystick type 1 (standard)
Q) The IRQ of my sound card is 2
A) I was told IRQs couldn't be 2 by Creative labs's code, but they seem to have changed their mind! I tried forcing it to be irq 9 and not getting from the BLASTER env, and that worked (!!!) on mine... I HATE SOUNDCARDS!
Q) Windows NT hates DTMNT
A) Well I try to be nice to windows... but NT seems to be really horrible to DOS stuff!
Q) There's a mark on the title screen to the left of the title
Q) There are holes in the graphics on the end sequence
Q) The doors slip behind the background
Q) The drill wobbles and is out of sync with the floor
(basically any graphical glitches)
A) I have tried to trade off accurate rendering (like the arcade machine) with speed, and the result it in DTMNT. If you want truely accurate rendering, it'll have to be on a pixel by pixel basis! i.e. SLOWW!! I think MAME does it 100% accurately, but last time I looked the shadows weren't there.
(I am also informed that the drill wobbles in the arcade as well - so that ain't my fault!)

Information Wanted
1) The schematics only for TMNT2/Turtles in Time and The Simpsons (or any other Konami games apart from TMNT).
Not the files, the schematics. Please ask before sending anyhting big.
2) Info on ADPCM and the different methods of decoding it. At the moment the method I use is I take each four-bit value and move the sample up or down using it. And fading it a bit.
ADPCM isn't a standard, it seems to be just a general class of compression. I've tried the standard stuff, and the results make the speech worse. I guess Konami must do it their own way! What method do Sega Emus use to decompress ADPCM? If you have ever decompressed ADPCM on the fly, please e-mail me!
3) Memory maps for the sound in SF2, Outrun (ie. what is the z80 memory map), After Burner etc (anything which uses a z80 and a ym2151 for sound). Note - not the actual games, just the sound!
4) Some info in clear english for a complete idiot such as myself for how the ym2151 works! (I've seen the technical docs and they scare me....!)

Dave - [email protected]